In May of 1993, the Lorita Leung Dance Association, with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, signed an exclusive contract with the Beijing Dance Academy to sponsor and introduce the Chinese Dance Syllabus to Canada.

Now, Syllabus examinations are held in Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC; Toronto, Ontario and Windsor, Ontario. The Chinese Dance Syllabus is now offered in over ten Chinese dance schools in Canada.

Each year, a teacher from the Beijing Dance Academy Syllabus Examination Centre comes to Vancouver and Toronto to train teachers and conduct student examinations in these two provinces.

Students who pass their examinations receive their certificates from the Beijing Department of Education.

Since 2006, the BC Ministry of Education has recognized the Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus as the only syllabus for Chinese dance, and awards a total of 12 credits toward high school graduation upon successful completion of Grades 7, 8 and 9.

Currently, the Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus is taught throughout China and in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the United States. It is well received by students and dance professionals.

The Syllabus has now evolved to include thirteen grades. Grades 1 to 10 are designed popularize Chinese dance among students aged 4 to 15. Grades 11 to 13 provide semi-professional training for students 14 to 18 year old.

The entire Syllabus is designed to be progressive and engaging, with song and dance sets. Children begin by learning proper dance basics without feeling bored. The teaching material covers Chinese folk, classical and minority dances, and technique.

Teachers training and student examinations are scheduled from June to July every year, and the schedule is established by the Lorita Leung Dance Association.

Based on the expression of interest in particular grade levels, expressed by the end of January, the Association will announce the Teachers training schedule by April 30th.


Grade one to three levels are open to any person who is interested in learning how to teach Chinese dance and who works with children. You should have some dancing experience although a professional dancing background is not required, nor is previous performing experience. From Grade four up, you must be a professional dancer, or you have many years of dance teaching experience, or as an amateur dancer, you have at least five years of dance experience.

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